World’s First Website Went Online In This Month 25 Years Ago

Squeezu Sqeezu

Berners Lee bestowed this world with the very first website, 25 years ago, in order to make existents interact on a huge base. The invention of website was one of the greatest boons for the mankind.


Source: Telegraph

In the words of Berners Lee-

“The WWW project merges the techniques of information retrieval and hypertext to make an easy but powerful global information system.”

The creator wanted a large platform on which people sitting miles away, can actually interact. His secondary aim was to create a base on which links can be navigated through a simple search function.

So he created a simple web page with hyperlinks on his NeXT computer at CERN’s headquarters in Geneva.


Source: Line-mode

The first website was housed under the domain name The website contains the instructions of how to access different pages on web and create your own server. As reported by Telegraph, Berners Lee further said, “The problems of information loss may be particularly acute at CERN, but in this case, CERN is a model in miniature of the rest of the world in a few years time. CERN meets now some of the problems which the rest of the world will have to face soon.”

All he wanted was a universally linked information system to make people receive what they are exactly searching for. In 1989, Berners Lee was working as a computer programmer in European organization for Nuclear Research. In the year 1993, World Wide Web was made publicly available. He perceived a lot of data loss due to really high staff turnover and poor communication. Elegant Mosaic browser was released in the same year.

Berners Lee then came up with very first website which became the reason behind how we are getting the useful content today. Lets celebrate 25 years of development of this very first website on World wide web.