In the world of Presstitute, Youtubers are covering the real news

Squeezu Sqeezu

You must have heard the word “Presstitute”. Presstitute is used for the journalists and Media who give biased and predetermined views. These views are completely in favor of the government.

We are aware of only those things which we see on the televisions or read on the newspapers but the truth is that we are unaware of all the important issues. Media is completely biased when it comes to providing genuine news. Today, We find one small paragraph on the 7th page and 10 seconds news of actual problems. We have heard about Syria but what is happening there we don’t know in reality. Thousands of people dying there but all we are aware of memes trending on Mr. Donald Trump or foreign visits of Mr. Narendra Modi. In India unemployed youth is protesting against corruption happening in exams, Farmers are marching towards capital for their rights but all we see, one famous celebrity asking for a divorce. Maybe these issues don’t even matter for the media.
So the comedians have chosen youtube as a platform for expressing their outrage. Youtubers are telling us the reality in a sarcastic and simple way. Recently, on 8th March, everyone was busy uploading their picture with their Mothers and that is good but AIB (a channel on youtube) showed us the reality of this virtual world. They showed us that it is the 21st century and how women are still getting raped. From a 3-year old baby girl to 87-year old dead woman, they showed us what is happening around us.
Someone has to take the stand and for the social awareness, people have to come forward.

Now, EIC (Youtube channel) has come back with their outrage series. 5 comedians have decided to tell people what is going on in reality. They are targeting the real issues the world is currently facing. Their motive is not to instigate someone and take a wrong step. They just want to aware people with what is really happening around us. EIC outrage is a simple concept where these comedians make a video about trending issues and upload it to youtube. SSC scam, Nirav Modi scam, Aadhar Deadline, and many more topics. How good it is that you will know everything about the current topic from very basic and in a funny way.

So what are we doing to change our society?
People will argue on this topic that they are doing this for money. I partially agree with that but at least now we know that what is happening around us. Some news channels are still trying to put some good news but they had to face the pressure of political parties.
I questioned myself that what am I doing to change our society? So I chose to write about it. You have to decide what you are going to do to change the current situation. Our future is in our hand. We don’t want that the people who give us food will die because of loans and we also don’t want that upcoming generation will face the same unemployment. Don’t wait for others, Start with yourself.