Wikipedia May Be Your Best Online Companion But We Bet You Don't Know This Basic Stuff About It

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Wikipedia is a non-commercial website:

Wikipedia cannot be bought by any internet giant as it a non-commercial website that is run by Wikimedia Foundation. Wikimedia is an American non-profit organization, headquartered in San Francisco. It operates more than one wikis, including Wikitionary, Wikiquotes, Wikisource, Wikibooks and ten more.

If they say it is free encyclopedia, they really mean it:

The Encylopedia adopts a free content license which says that all the content contained by the Encylopedia can be edited, modified and redistributed by anyone until any vandalism is included. According to the license, you only need to credit the contributor and you are not allowed to put further restrictions on the content.

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Wikipedia speaks Banyumasan and 300 other languages:

The articles on the Encylopedia  are developed independently whereas some rare cases include the direct translations. Wikimedia is wholly supported by independent chapter organizations that is already out to spread awareness in twenty countries. In most of the countries, Wikipedia one of the ten most popular websites.

You can add, but cannot make changes on Wikipedia:

If you make changes to Wikipedia, it is the current draft. The Encylopedia  keeps both current and older versions and restore the older content if needed. You can also cite a specific copy associated with an article by “Permanent link” at the bottom of left hand side options. Your link will always point to the content that will never change.

Contributors on it, are unpaid volunteers:

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The articles on the free encyclopedia are not signed and it does not allow writers to publicize their contribution. The content on the Encylopedia should be written with NPOV i.e. Neutral point of View which says that the content has to be fairly represented without editorial bias. NPOV, Verifiability and No original research are the core content policies that the Encylopedia has.