Where People Count Disability As a Limitation, She Is the One Who is Beyond Inspiration!

Squeezu Sqeezu

Source:: India Today


‘Inspiration’ can knock anyone’s door at anytime. You only have to be aware of the surroundings, that’s it! This Women’s Day we are here with a beautiful inspiration that everyone of us should be proud of. Yes we are talking about the first Indian woman to win medal at Rio Paralympics, 2016- Deepa Malik. She is the lady with positive thinking and is courageous enough that her disability didn’t make her feel depressed. She made her weakness her strength because of which she came up a long way.


Source: Hindustan Times 

Athlete Deepa Malik has been awarded with various National and State awards including Arjuna Award (2012) and Padma Shri Award (2017). Despite of having a physical disability she is a wonder who is a great sports woman. She was the one from the eight sportsperson to get Padma Shri Award this year. When TOI went to interview her after winning Padma Shri Award, she openly disclosed her strengths and also elaborated what makes her feel special apart from being physically challenged. She further adds, ‘I don’t count disability as a limitation’.

Inspiring facts about Deepa Malik

You’ll be amazed when I will tell you the awe-inspiring facts about Deepa Malik. Since she is a paraplegic being, she came across  a spinal tumour, 31 surgeries and 183 stitches between her shoulder blades before she went for Rio Paralympics in the year 2016. Can you imagine a strong being behind this much of pain? No, right! But, she is the woman with lots of positive attitude behind her tolerance power. She is a great woman, a beautiful wife, a wonderful mother and an amazing inspiration.

Paraplegic Deepa Malik is not only an International athlete but also a swimmer, adventure sports player, biker, and an entrepreneur. She is the divine lady who went through various crucial situations in her life, but she never let her morale down. She fell again and again but she stood up with new hope, charm and enthusiasm. Women like Deepa Malik are rare to find. She is such a brave lady and a great inspiration for all of us.

Everyone of us should learn a lot of things from such an inspirational woman.

Hatsoff to such a bright lady of our Nation.