Watch This Video Where Sunny Leone Spices Up With 'Babuji' And 'Puppyji'

Squeezu Sqeezu

Watch This Video Where Sunny Leone Spices Up With ‘Babuji’ And ‘Puppyji’

Sunny Leone has this pepped up element in her veins that attract every man with the very first glance. After all, she has established herself with immense hard work. However, not only has she made a name for herself in Bollywood, she is also one of the few actresses who can drive a film at the box-office, all by herself. Like she is doing it with this video that supports a social cause.

Alok Nath, the Babuji of every household and Deepak Dobriyal aka Puppyji when featured here make a video that speaks with the name. A short video that gave a message that is applause-worthy. Babuji the “sanskari”i babuji in the stride of accomplishing his son’s last wish brings Sunny to the village for his son.

But the story is gripping as the man surrender life before meeting his last wish.

The short film, titled ’11 minutes’ is probably inspired by Paulo Coelho’s book, ‘Eleven minutes.’ However, the manner in which the 11 minutes have been meshed in the story to deliver the message, is extolling.

It is not the first gesture, sunny is romantically being involved with several causes that touches her heart strings. She is a functional body that in her endeavor to make world a better place sticks with the nuisance this world is offering. But bold and valiant Sunny does all hush-hush.

11minutes reduced by every smoke you consume, it can cost you your last wish.

Think before you smoke your next.

Watch the video here;