This Video Explains The Indian Education System First Hand And You Can't Miss It

Squeezu Sqeezu

You may be standing high with your strong financial background, or your sound social roots but after college you all are taken by the same sweep. Some gets hinge with MNCs, other become creative employers of a flourishing start up or rather dives in the pool of entrepreneurship. Yes, we all are same, at least we think so?


But some don’t?


Between that blossoming career and the commencement there lies the worst face of Indian education system that is meagre in justice and followed by the fake policy makers. The system where the hard worker bowled out by the socially active and financially sound parents. Where contacts matter more than marks and calibre just vanishes with some good donation coming in.


India has been pushing this scenario and we as students and parents have faced it front hand. The tiresome work which simply swallows the pocket of parents in stride of getting their child admitted to a good school to one renowned college is all about money more than skills and IQ. Some take over by the reservations schemes, other by money and the one who are left behind have neither reservation nor money.  They just try to make their mark and pull up their socks each time to test their destiny.


The poor has no money but the riches do, and they are laddering this hollow structure of unskilled and effortless youth to guide the new India. Aren’t we creating pits for ourselves?


Watch the video here:



Wake up and give everyone a fair chance.