TRAI Chief ‘Aadhaar Misuse’ Dare Backfires, Hackers Deposit Re. 1 In His Account

Squeezu Sqeezu

TRAI Chief, Hackers and Loads of Drama!

TRAI chief R S Sharma, who has always defended the Aadhaar database system, recently dared twitterians users to misuse his Aadhaar data and guess what, results were hilarious

twitter hungama

The netizens took the challenge in stride, and in a short span of time, various users shared his private information online. The information shared included his mobile number, PAN card details, Home Address, AIR India frequent flier ID, date of birth etc.

RS sharma

However, R S Sharma stuck to his stand and claimed that the information shared ‘did not harm’ him, because it was information already available on the public domain.

The ‘ethical hackers’ have now responded by depositing Re 1 via BHIM in his bank account to support their claim that they even have access to his bank account details.