The Way This Woman Embraces All The Mean Comments She Has Received So Far Is Truly Inspiring

Squeezu Sqeezu

The Way This Woman Embraces All The Mean Comments She Has Received So Far Is Truly Inspiring

A woman’s body has always been an object to comment on. She has to take care of what she sports even if the man passing-by is chilling out in shorts. Her legs, thunder arms, coming-out belly, dusky skin, beautiful hair make everyone so concerned that they cannot resist to leave a remark. This is the bitter truth of a woman’s life. But the good news is she does not care anymore. Just like this woman who has made a dress out of all the mean things she has received as comments. She sported the same and we cannot get over the beautiful pictures.

Everybody, please be ready to get inspired from this really beautiful art




The woman has shared these pictures on Lovelyjojos. She has displayed the dress from every single angle. Believe us, it embraces every single thing that all the women out there have received as good or bad comments on their body and looks.

This is how you look.

Your legs are lean.

You look busty.

Those extra pounds are visible baby.

You look like some joker in this dress.

So, what we want to say is Enough people. That’s ok!


Nothing different has this woman shared but the way is possibly inspiring. She writes-

Before we get started on what on earth prompted me to paint a (slightly see-through, skintight) dress with all the things — good, bad and ugly — that people have said about my body during my 31 years of existence, I just want to get a few things straight. This piece isn’t an attack on anybody. It’s not a vanity project, or a pity party. I’m not trying to make people feel sorry for me just because somebody once told me I have thunder thighs, weird knees, sausage fingers and minging teeth. And I’m not looking for anyone to tell me that my arms really aren’t that big and butch, or that my thighs aren’t that chunky.

You can find the full post at Lovely jojos from where all the images are taken.