The Way This Mumbai Man Saved A Girl From Goons Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Squeezu Sqeezu

The Way This Mumbai Man Saved A Girl From Goons Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

No doubt we are progressing in some aspects but the thing that still keeps us backward is crime. Crime against women are spreading like spilled milk does. You are trying to wipe it off but it keeps on spreading. These are not just words. The same is happening from years and we are just unable to control the pace. Cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and many more in the country are famous for the night life. However the bitter truth is one out of every ten women becomes the victim of crimes. At times we feel that this country is not for young women. If it is night, you have to be careful. Even if it is day, you cannot be carefree.

Some girls are however fortunate to get a helping hand in trouble. Nothing different happened a few days back in Mumbai. A cab driver observed a girl running and behind her, two to three men were there who were chasing her. They were also calling out her name again and again.

The old cab driver started honking. Human of Bombay has shared the whole incident on Facebook. Here’s what happened-

Source: Facebook

The man told, “I noticed her, because she looked very anxious and when I looked behind her I saw these 2-3 drunk fellows whistling, and calling her names. They then began to actively chase her and I was still across the street — so as a reflex I decided to start honking continuously. The noise created enough alarm, because they were startled and immediately ran away in the other direction. I crossed over, and told that girl that I would drop her home.”

You can read the full post, here.

Humanity is still left!