Paulami Patel: The Girl who Kicked all Odds & Lives her Life to the Fullest!

Squeezu Sqeezu

A story which will inspire you every now and then to beat the odds and live your life to the fullest… The story of a girl named Paulami Patel !!

She was 12 years of age when she got shocked while playing with a fishing rod. The rod slipped out of the window and while endeavoring to get it, she got caught onto an electrical wire rather — 11,000 volts of current went through her right hand. She was hurried to the ICU with serious injuries and parts of her flesh missing — following seven days, her right hand had to be cut off to keep the Gangrene from spreading.

Paulami Patel

At 12, she was unable to comprehend the chivalry of what had happened — but now she recently realized that she needed to begin like an infant once again. My parents and companions stood like pillars amid this time and her father had decided that whoever came to visit her needed to first tell a joke before beginning any discussion — and it had made a lot of difference! She would anticipate snickering and gradually started to prepare to confront the world with her new reality.

Her first errand was to practice to write with her prosthetic arm — it appeared to be outlandish in the beginning, however as her ayurvedic treatment proceeded, regularly she could handle the pen somewhat better and then one day it simply happened! She composed her first word and even before the finish of the treatment, She had changed the whole book, ‘Matilda’ — what a triumph!

Paulami Patel

This way the change happened, rather than concentrating on the battle, she took a gander at it as a festival of her second shot at life. From the day she zipped her own sack to the day she wore garments without anyone else, the first time when she bolted the entryway and wrote all her examination papers independent from anyone else — everything was like a festival!

She went on to do her B.COM, got an MBA and lived without anyone else’s input for a long time — that is the point at which she realized that she was sufficient; that her disability was only a piece of her life and not something which will characterize her!

Paulami Patel

In the first place, she attempted to disguise behind long sleeves, dupattas and never wearing shorts since she had scars everywhere on her legs, however after some time she let everything go in light of the fact that she ended up glad for her imperfections and scars… they made her who she was today — daring and positive.

Now at 28, she had undergone 45 medical surgeries and lost her right hand, yet at the same time lived without any limitations. She married the love of her life who lifts her higher, work all day on her business, drive like a boss, skydive, bungee jump and do various water drives and still have quite a lot more to do… yet not before she keeps on celebrating each and every triumph that en route!