Sky-High Security with Audi A8 L Security

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Sky-High Security with Audi A8 L Security


The car costs Rs 9.18 crore in India and brags of 500PS-plus power, secret spectacles and bullet proof body that protects occupants from grenades, bomb explosions and Ak-47 bullets. If defensive capability of cars is the subject, then it must be analyzed under various levels of protection. VR4, VR9, handgun resistant and what not? With VR9 resistance that is the most exacting standards available today, a car becomes viable of absorbing 7.62X 51mm cartridge that is nearly equal to the projectile from belt-fed M60 machine gun. This is exactly what Audi A8 L security provides. It comes with the kind of sky-high security that you need.

Go ahead for an even more revealing look into a new world of high security:


Deep under new Audi’s skin:

At a first glance, New Audi A8L security may look somewhat like any other Audi running on the roads. Deep under the skin, it is a way more stringent. The skin is made up of the most resistant materials such as aramide fabric, hot formed steel armour and special aluminium alloys. Audi A8 L security is lighter than other Audis due to the predominant use of Aluminium.

Source: quattroworld

Not just machine, it has got special eyes:

It is a bearer of a number of secrets. It has got exciting secret glasses. Even in 2016, Auto Expo, Audi A8L was seen parked nowhere as it was kept in a special review room. The room was made accessible to a few clients only.

2015 Audi A8 L W12 picture - doc519706

Source: topspeed


Mighty engine:

The car is well equipped with the mighty W12 petrol engine that carries the power of two V6 engines. 500PS is on demand in the car that would let occupants to escape out of tricky situations swiftly.

audi a8l w12

Source: smartengine


Escape routes near occupants:

With Audi A8L security, you may grab the attention of passers-by in case of any critical situation. It is equipped with an armoured communication box that enables quick message relaying. Moreover, it also includes a loudspeaker and two inbuilt beacon lights.

Source: carwale