Plane Carrying Brazilian Football Team Crashes In Colombia, Killing 75

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A heart wrenching incident in colombia put 75 to death including most of the members of Brazilian Football team. A few hours ago, the charter aircraft carrying 72 passengers along with 9 crew members crashed in a mountainous area in Medellin.  According to the reports, six have survived including four members of Chapecoense football team.

The British aerospace 146 splitted into two leaving the end part crashed. Only nose and wings are clearly visible in the photographs taken. The incident took place in Colombia’s second-largest city, Medellin. A Reuters photographer gave out a statement according to which dozens of bodies have been recovered after 30 rescuers, police and military personnel searched the site. The plane crashed due to electrical failure.


Source: bbc

The plane departed from Santa Cruz in Bolivia carrying Chapecoense football team members based in Chapeco in southern Brazil.

Three footballers namely Alan Ruschel, Danilo, Jakson Follmann, and Neto survived the incident. Talking about 27-year-old defender Ruschel, doctors said “We still don’t have a final diagnosis. We are waiting for lab results and X-rays to make a decision and do a (surgical) procedure.”

21 journalists were also on board according to reports.

Club vice president Ivan Tozzo told, “We are very sad, gathered here in the locker room of our stadium.


Source: bbc

“There are a lot of people crying in our city. We could never imagine this.”

According to the statements people gave out, Chapecoense is the biggest reason for joy in the country. The team on board was preparing for Wednesday’s game in the first of a two-leg Copa Sudamericana final in front of Medellin’s Atletico Nacional.

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RIP players.