This Person Quits Rs 3.5 Lakh Salary To Teach Slum Students

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We come across many flames of inspiration en-lighted around us. One of them is a Youth who chucked a whopping 3.5 lakh salary package to accomplish his dream of teaching slum children. This man becomes local guardian of the children who cannot get admission in schools. The school is not a brick and mortar one. It is just a roof under which this man is nurturing the future of these students. You can have a visit near Sadbhavnagar police chowky in Vatva area. You will see a many students and a man sitting under a roof on the footpath.

Man rejects high slary to teach slum students

Source: TOI

About the teacher-

His name is Virat Shah who is an instrumentation and control engineer from LD Engineering College. In an interview with TOI, he told, “It all began when I was young. My father was a mill worker. He used to never return anyone empty handed from his door. However, it all ended after he lost his job. After schooling I enrolled in LD Engineering College and later NHL Municipal College. During studies, I started doing tuitions. It always pinched me to get money as tuition fees, but I was helpless as I needed money. After completing my studies, I worked in several companies in India and married Trupti who is a chemical engineer.”

The man worked outside India for five years. In 2010, Shah returned to India after earning enough to have good living with his family in the country. He then started teaching slum children after convincing the parents of 10 children at the slums near Isanpur crossroads.

He now has nine such footpath schools with 200 children. He has also registered his school with the help of one of his friends. The man is a flame of inspiration for all us. Wish this man and children get what they is seeking for.

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