This Old Man Has Some Words To Inspire All Of Us Today!

Squeezu Sqeezu

Inspiration can come from anywhere, you just need to turn around. Your friend, colleague, teacher, boss or anyone you never thought of, can inspire you in many ways. A few passers-by noticed this man who has a sea of inspiration to bestow. He is a cobbler who sits on roadside everyday, no matter it is sunny or the coldest day of the year. This man lost both of his legs in an accident. The man has his own tricycle on which he himself puts all the stuff that helps him to do his job and he himself gets on the same without anyone’s help. We thank Huntnews to unveil his story.


Source: Newsdog

The man has his wife as old as him. Despite not having legs he works day and night to earn for a good living. He told the reason behind why he does not want to his wife to work. The old man said-

“She has never worked anywhere in her life, so why should I make her work now at this age”.


Source: Newsdog


These words are rare to listen at this point of time when crimes against women are rising like nothing else. His words are undoubtedly soothing but has a loud message to convey. His name is Bhaiyalal and people like him will never ask for your money. One thing they aspire for is only and only a happy family. We live in a country where seeing beggars is the commonest sight. Thousands of beggars on roads are capable to earn but choose to beg. Why? Lets not support this thing  and help them who are in a genuine need.

Hatsoff to this man!