Not Vicky Donor, it's Haryana Resident Yuvraj Donor. Proud Father Of 150000 Calves. Worth Rs. 9 Crore!

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Not Vicky Donor, it’s Haryana Resident Yuvraj Donor. Proud Father Of 150000 Calves. Worth Rs. 9 Crore!

We could sense the association of Vicky Donor with Aryan race. Well, that was a movie! The great Alexander who moved from Macedonia to India via Turkey and Persia was found to be the reason behind the towering fertility of Vicky.

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Can you imagine a real life Vicky donor who has become the father of 150000 living beings. The fact is cent percent true. The proud of father is none other than Yuvraj Bull.

Meet Bull Yuvraj, a father of 150000 calves

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Yuvraj’s semen is in high demands among breeders. The semen released by Yuvraj is diluted up to 500 doses each costing a sum of Rs 300. In past four to five years, Yuvraj has become a proud father of 1.5 lakh healthy calves.

8-year-old Yuvraj is 9 feets in length, 5’9″ in height and weighs around 1500 kg.

Mr. Karamveer who is the owner of this stunning bull says that Yuvraj is responsible for making people touch heights with regards to their businesses.

Awarded as World’s best bull, Yuvraj has made the breeds of buffaloes better not just in India but also in foreign countries.

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A number of people visit Yuvraj’s place in order to have healthy calves and consequently gain profits in their businesses. Not just Yuvraj, it’s healthy calves are also able to produce 15 to 20 liters milk daily.

Yuvraj drinks 20 kgs of milk and consumes fruits of 10-12 kgs, every day.

Apart from this, there are hay and cereals that Yuvraj consumes. Yuvraj takes bath 3 times in a day and the smart bull is made walk at least five kilometers in a day.

Wait where are you going? Must be Running to buy his calves….