Heavy Fire at a Fireworks Shop at Kishanpole Bajar, Jaipur

Squeezu Sqeezu

As the festive season is knocking at the door and people have started preparing themselves for Diwali celebration, the news of hazardous fire accidents have also taken their position. Yes, the news is about the Pink City, Jaipur.

fire at sk patakawala

Fire At SK Patakawala, Jaipur

SK Patakawala, a renowned shop located in Kishanpole Bazar, Jaipur, caught fire due to a short circuit at midnight 12 AM. The reports also state that the entire shop was devoured by large flames till the fire was taken in control till 4 AM early morning.

fire at sk pakawala

Looking at the ongoing festive season of Diwali the owner already had got a large stock of fire crackers in his shop. Hence, the fire spread out quickly all over the shop.

Few neighbors reported that it all started while they were asleep. Sudden screams and loud voices all around made them believe that there had been some fierce attack. As soon they hurried to look out of their window they got to see a totally different scene. There was huge fire and loud noise of bursting crackers spread all over.

fire at sk patakawala

As the accident took place at midnight when nobody was around, there were no injuries reported but it had an intense effect on neighboring shops. Godha Brothers situated right next to SK Patakawala has also gone through some damage. The fire extinguishers took the situation in control soon which would have otherwise led to a serious havoc. Godha Brothers is a furniture shop and this fire would have resulted into a massive damage if the timber would have caught fire. But as the news rolled out there were no such damages to the surroundings.


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We all know its celebration time and no one wants to welcome the festival in this way. So, why not keep the real charm of the festival of lights intact by illuminating our homes with beautiful diyas and