His Lost Arms Did Not Break Off Him From Winning Three Medals For India

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The person well known as Vishwas K.S. lost his arms at the age of 10. His achievements depict something else. What can you expect from a person who has no arms? Can he get your country a sum of three medals? The swimming skills of this man will leave open mouthed for a minute.

Against all odds:Vishwas K.S., who lost both hands in an accident when he was 10, won three medals at the ‘2016 Speedo Can Am Para-swimming Championships’ in Canada.

Source: The Hindu

The 26-year-old from Bengaluru has made India proud of him by winning three medals at the ‘2016 Speedo Can Am Para-swimming Championships’ held in Canada.

In an interview with The Hindu, Vishwas recalls, “My father Satyanarayana Murthy was a clerk in the Agriculture Department. Sixteen years ago, I was watering the cemented portions at the home that we were building when I suddenly lost balance and fell on live electric wires. My father rushed to save me from being electrocuted, but lost his life. After being in coma for two months, I recovered, but lost my hands,” recalls Vishwas.”

The tragic incident took away both of his arms. After the incident, Vishwas completed his studies at Basaveshwara College in Vijayanagar.  He tried to enter in various fields but nothing worked out.

His friends used to take him to dance, kung fu and swimming classes. He was then bitten by swimming bug. Astha, an NGO helped him fulfilling his dream of being a professional swimmer.

The founder of the NGO, Mr. Jain said, “Vishwas repeatedly expressed a desire to learn swimming.”

Speaking about his next goal, he said“My dream is to take part in 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.


Source: Power Humans

Now this is what we call as Unstoppable!!