Yes! At-Home Pee Test Is A Thing Which Is Unimaginable Before You Actually Do It

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What it’s like to pee on a narrow strip. Would it make you feel like you are doing a test for pregnancy? Well! Pee test is a thing and there is no need to give all the glory to the pregnancy test. A basic urinalysis test which is being sold in a medical store can tell you about when you need to take a rest from gym or how many nutrients are missing in your body.

These info pee kits benefit all those who dial in their fitness and nutrition. Stacy Sims, Ph.D., author of ROAR: How to Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Female Physiology for Optimum Performance, Great Health, and a Strong, Lean Body for Life says, “Anyone who’s really trying to dial in their fitness and nutrition can benefit from the info pee kits can give you.”


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How can you take your first Pee test?

You can buy rapid urinalysis test from any drug store. Take a pee test everyday in the morning before and after workouts for one week. To determine the amount of various substances in your pee, use color coded strips. The color codes show pH (acidity), specific gravity (hydration), protein, erythrocytes (red blood cells), sugar, blood, ketone, nitrite, and leukocytes (white blood cells).

Every color on the strip represents different substances in your pee whereas the shades represent the level of that particular substance in your pee.


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Hydration is the measure of specific gravity. Your pee will be concentrated if the specific gravity is high. According to Stacy Sims, a reading between 1.005 and 1.015 means you’re well hydrated and good to go.


According to her, “When you break down fat instead of carbs during exercise, your pee test will read positive for the presence of ketones post-workout.” High levels of Ketones will leave you stressful. It releases stress hormone levels that might make you gain weights.

There are many more tests you can perform with these strips. Find more information, here.