Stress Is Temporary And We Will Tell You A Practical Way To Deal With It

Squeezu Sqeezu


You must be stressed out or frustrated at this moment. The truth is it is not going to stay in your life forever. We try a lot to let things go and not mind what bothers us the most. We fail with every single attempt if the disappointment is fresh. However it goes on fading as it gets old. Old disappointments are our best teachers.

Now picture a morning in your mind. You go to office and the moment you reach office, you will meet four people always there- A security guard, a receptionist, an office boy and your boss. Your body language, your behavior and the way of talking changes with the kind of people you meet. You will be yourself and speak the way you actually speak in front of the security guard. It would not matter even if you do not meet them with a smile. If we talk about receptionist, it does matter a little whereas in front of your boss, you will have to be humble, obeying and present yourself in  a good manner.


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There is nothing called as your original personality, you keep on changing your inner self as you meet different people. For running 10 minutes, you are someone else, for another 10 minutes you will be someone else. This is how it goes. You are changing yourself according to the person you are meeting. Their actions and the things they have acquired change your behavior towards them.

Now picture another situation in your mind. Suppose, you have participated in a play. You know your script very well whereas it is hard for your friend to learn it. Now what human behavior says is you want to help him out. You would go, communicate with him and make him learn his script. So now what you know more is their script and not yours. It happened so gradually that you did not get time to realize that you are forgetting yours.

Similar thing happen with us every day. We get indulged so much in the other person’s life that we forget to live ours. We all are enough capable to write our own scripts but the moment you do not give it enough of your time, it will be ruined and stress would take birth. This is how things go. Learn to deal!

Remember it is just a bad day not a bad life.


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