Happy People Cannot Be Seen Doing These Silly Mistakes Others Do

Squeezu Sqeezu

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Happiness comes from your own actions. You are the creator and destroyer of your own happiness. That sorrow residing in your mind is just a hotel guest that forgot to check out. That “mini-me” inside your heart and mind is not ready to move out now. That mini-me decides your future and does not let you do the things you want. It comes up with the negative conclusions every time you think of a good thing.  The more you give your life to the mini-me, the farther you move from living your life to the fullest. Remember you are not alone. People in a count of million experience disappointments and find ways to be unhappy. We all do that!


Source: Huffington Post

Incase you are one among them, lets understand what makes happy people happier-

What mistakes do happy people avoid?

They do not equate success and happiness with money. We should not put a dollar amount on our success. Money does not define success, satisfaction and happiness do. If you consider money, you will always want to earn more tomorrow than what you have got today.

Secondly, happy people focus on “What is” instead of “What is not.” It is human behavior to move towards a person that ignores us. Similarly the crazy species we belong to, teaches us to crave for what is not with us. Value the things you have. Thank god for what you do have. For this you can do one exercise. Write down three good things that have happened with you today. Do it for a week and you will get to know how life is favoring you.

Thirdly, they do not speak about others. Speaking ill of others develops negative energy inside us. Focus on other’s strength and learn from them, the beautiful things.

Happy living, people!