Excited To Tell You About These Food Items That Can Make You Happy Instantly

Squeezu Sqeezu

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You must have heard about chocolate’s role in making you feel better. You eat chocolates if you are depressed or frustrated due to something. Our emotions are connected with the food we intake. We are not kidding here. Some food items increase the levels of certain substances in our body which ultimately makes us happy. Food is a wonderful thing.  Whether you are happy or sad, you always need food to blow off the hunger. Eating healthy is wise but taking in these food items can make you happy. Have a glance!


Source: Medical Daily


Natural yogurt has the power to make you feel happy. Yogurt and all other dairy products are rich in calcium. These food items raise the levels of  tryptophan and serotonin levels in human body. If this new day is not favoring you then it is completely fine. You are not alone in this.


Hot chocolate contains polyphenol. Feeding yourself with hot chocolate can help you much in coming out of blues.

Kale and Lentils-

They are rich in Folic acid. People suffering from depression experience depletion of this substance in their bodies. It is therefore necessary to feed yourself with the appropriate amount of Kale, Lentils and any other source which is rich in Folic acid.


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Its is just a bad day not a bad life.