Lessons Indian Parents Should Give Their Children Instead of Sanskaars!

Squeezu Sqeezu

Important Life Lessons Indian Parents Should Give Their Children Instead of Just Sanskaars

A major part of an Indian kid’s upbringing is learning about misplaced and gender-specific sanskaars. Parents pay utmost attention to these sanskaars instead of helping their kids acquire necessary life skills and practical knowledge that will help them navigate through life easily. Want to know what they are? Well, here’s a handy list.

How to file taxes so that we don’t have to panic in the weeks leading up to July 31st every year.

income tax

Neither parents nor schools prepare kids for a tax-ridden future, which is why most of us end up paying CAs to do a pretty simple job.

Making sure that both boys and girls see the kitchen as a normal working space.

men should cook too

A lot of privileged families don’t train their kids in household chores because they think it’s not vital for their growth.

Giving sex education to your children instead of waiting for them to find out from their friends or school.

sex education

Most Indian kids learn about sex either by watching porn or from their friends. This is harmful because then they don’t learn about consent, contraception, and other important aspects of sex.

Teaching the importance of savings and investments from a young age.

saving money

As they grow up, it’s important to teach them about various forms of investments and saving options.

Instead of telling your kids that people who drink and smoke are bad and imposing strict rules on them, teach a responsible approach.

drinking and smoking is not bad

It’d be much better if parents had an honest discussion with their kids instead of shunning and berating them.

Instead of telling the daughter that they shouldn’t wear short skirts or go out late in the night, train them in basic self-defense so that they can protect themselves.

self defense

A lot of us don’t know how to defend ourselves or treat our physical wounds because it’s not a part of traditional academic learning. But these are useful skills to acquire, considering the times we live in.

Teaching the importance of assertiveness even if it means ‘answering back’ to elders.


Instead, they should be taught how to be assertive and form opinions, even if it means going against someone senior to them.

Understanding gender stereotypes and why they are harmful.

gender equality

Girls play with the kitchen set while boys ride cycles — this style of upbringing needs to go because we are in 2018 and now’s the time to let go of gender stereotypes.

Normalising menstruation for both boys and girls.


Quite often, parents remain hush about periods, thereby reinforcing the stigma around it. Instead of this, both sons and daughters should be taught about menstruation so that it can be normalized and not seen as a ‘thing’ that only happens to women.