Emerging Health Awareness Among Indians

Squeezu Sqeezu

Growth In The Number Of Gym Memberships

With increasing health problems in India, people have become apprehensive when it comes to their health. According to various researchers, there has been quite an increase in the number of gym memberships eventually.

Various health clubs and studios have initiated lately, which is appealing to people all the more. These gyms and clubs mostly attract women who are plumpy and feel embarrassed about being that way.

Today, these gyms and the trainers are making more money than the food industry. The food industry is rather facing a heavy downfall, just because people have started to withdraw themselves from junk food. Obviously, who does not like to look good, anyway!

Yoga- A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body

YOGA is devotion, which aims towards ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. Various other forms of physical exercise, like aerobics and Zumba, assure only physical welfare. Yoga aims at the development of the spiritual or the astral body.

Getting engaged in yoga exercises can help you in a number of ways. It helps reducing stress and tension in the physical body and thereby increasing self-awareness. Meditating and performing yoga every day can be beneficial in the process of self-healing and even improves sleep.

Weight Control Diets And Protein Diets

The web these days is overloaded with a number of crash diets. Crash diets for weight loss, for weight gain, and so on. People have started being on weight control diets rather than all the junk and roadside stuff.

Sales of nutrition products and protein diets have increased over time. The maximum number of people who hit the gym and follow fitness programs, buy protein shakes and nutrition products, so as to put in their best efforts to keep fit.

SOURCE: Strength up grade

It has been observed that these crash diets make you feel weak and protein shakes have a number of side effects on your body. But people today are running a rat race. The so-called “Modern Day Rat Race”!

An Invocation For Naturally Healthy Products

It is always better to use naturally healthy products, because of their non-harming nature. The more natural the products are, the possibility of good results gets better. Various Ayurvedic products with natural ingredients have been known, which have given people splendid results in their weight loss programmes.

Patanjali is a renowned name in the market at the moment. This Ayurved based food industry is one of the highest sellers of pulses, flour, juices, and so on. Not only do they sell natural food products, they have a good collection of books and CD’s for yoga and pranayama as well.

Health Awareness Among Women Needs To Get Stern

According to various studies, which were conducted in relation to a woman and her declining health, women in India are more prone to health problems as compared to men. It is proposed that every woman should visit the physician for regular check-ups every 6 months.

A woman who develops obesity, thyroid, and woman with gastric issues must consult a doctor in case they feel uneasy. This uneasiness can be a symptom of a Heartache, which is utterly prevalent presently among women. The monotonous household work should not become a hurdle when it comes to health. There is a growing urgency to understand the problem of cardiovascular disease in women and how to prevent it.

Decreasing public awareness and their lack of interest has increased the cases of Breast Cancer in women. The number of cases of Breast Cancer has faced a significant shift over the last few decades.

Breast Cancer, now widely known as “The deadly killer disease of the new era”!

Nutritional  Disorders  Among The Younger Generation  At  Its Peak

Closely 10-30% of the younger generation suffer from health impacting behaviors that call for urgent consideration. Nutritional disorders overlay on tobacco use, harmful alcohol use, substance use, stress, common mental disorders. Healthy lifestyle and health promotion programmes that are central for the health of youth are a necessity for India because of the growing tide of Nutritional Disorders.

Walking – “Fundamental For Good Health”

No matter what you do for the whole day, but a 30-minute walk every day is a must. It is quite a favorable process which helps in increasing cardiovascular fitness, reducing excess body fat and to boost muscular power. Helps you decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Walking is cheap, fun, safe and an acceptable exercise, though! 

Drink Water! Stay Hydrated! 

To be precise, drinking a lot of water is the need of the hour. The kind of lifestyle we lead today makes us prone to a lot many health problems and water is one important means of staying healthy and fit. Water can be helpful in a number of ways, like:

  • Quite beneficial for weight loss
  • Commendable for digestion and skin related complications
  • Helps brush away fatigue
  • Hampers headache, naturally
  • Clears all toxins
  • Good for kidneys

A Good Sleep Is The Best Cure For Everything

Sleep deprivation can be because of various factors related to our day-to-day life. Stress at work, chronic depression, consuming unhealthy food products, and because of an abundant use of smartphones, all of these can lead to sleeplessness.

Less sleep makes a person cranky and that is why proper sleep affects the mood, good mood is the result of a good and proper sleep. According to a research made on the “Sleep issue”, people who slept for more hours at night were less likely to get sick than those who slept for fewer hours.