France Won The World Cup But Croatia Won Hearts!

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France Won The World Cup But Croatia Won Hearts

Croatia were in brilliant form throughout the FIFA World Cup. 6 out of 6 wins as they entered the final against the best team in the tournament – France. No miracle took place though as the French hammered them 4-2 and won their 2nd title.

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Luka Modric’s men missed out on their maiden World Cup crown. But they can take heart from the fact that they went one better than the Class of 1998. The Cup may not have been won but fans from all over are in awe of this Croatian side.

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However, even though France won the match, it was Croatia who won everything else there was to win. Yes, the French players were better. Yes, they deserved to win after an excellent performance through the tournament.

France in FIFA

But the way Croatia made their way to the finals, made them the neutral’s favorites even before the match started.

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The journey of The World Cup wasn’t easy for Croatia.

There were some never-wrecking penalty shootouts, some late goals, some stunning comebacks and ultimately a great deal of courage and optimism.

Throughout the tournament, they never lost hope and kept themselves going.


Even in the finals after lagging behind 4-1 at one point, it never looked like a side that doesn’t want to try any further.
This is Croatia’s best World Cup finish, previous being the third position in 1998. It is only fascinating that France won that World Cup, too.


Thanks to some amazing players, France had a magical run in this World Cup and it’s great that they get to hold the much-deserved trophy.

France May Have Won The World Cup But Croatia Have Won Our Hearts

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