Alert For Photographers! Participate In Wikipedia's International Photographic Contest By Simple Uploads

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Alert For Photographers! Participate In Wikipedia’s International Photographic Contest By Simple Uploads

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Isn’t it exhilarating? Wikipedia is providing a great opportunity to all the photographers who love to capture local natural heritage and scenic landscapes. WLE that happens to be Wiki Loves Earth is an annual international photographic competition. The contest will run under the guidelines of Wikipedia between 1st June to 30th June. So those who have not registered up till now can take their camera and backpack to explore an undiscovered beauty in nature.

  • Planning – May 2016
  • Contest – 1st June to 30th June
  • Results will be announced before 31st July 2016

You can simply register yourself before Wikipedia allows you to upload pictures. Register Here.

Rules For Uploading Pictures

Rule 1: Photographs should be self taken by Authors.

Rule 2: There is no specified age for the participants.

Rule 3: The image should be of atleast 2 Megapixels

Rule 4: The image must be uploaded in the period of 1st June -30th June 2016.

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Wikipedia page says-

Wiki Loves Earth (WLE) is an annual international photographic competition held during the month of June, organized worldwide by the Wikipedia community members with the help of local Wikimedia affiliates across the globe. Wikimedia India is conducting this competition in India. Participants take pictures of local natural heritage and scenic landscape in their countries, and upload them to Wikimedia Commons. The aim of event is to highlight the conservation areas of the participating countries with the goal to encourage people to capture pictures of these sights, and to put them under a free licence which can then be re-used not only in Wikipedia but everywhere by everyone

The good news is you can upload any number images, there is no limit on that. Photographs edited on Photoshop and any other software are also acceptable.

Your picture may be something like this..

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Or This..

Source: hidayatullah

Even if you are not world’s best photographer but the submission will give you an ultimate satisfaction that you have made something available for future generation. Go Ahead!