5 Things You Don't Know About Jack Ma-The Richest Man of China

Squeezu Sqeezu

Jack Ma is a Chinese business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and executive chairman of the Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate. He has been in news for past few days for making his retirement plan go public.

Check out these fun facts about the business tycoon!

1. Jack began his career as an English teacher.

Jack Ma was an English teacher by profession and knew very little about computers. He claims not to know much more about computers than how to send and receive e-mail.

2. He was almost killed by an American Businessman in 1995.

In 1995, Jack traveled to the US for helping one of the Chinese firm to recover their money from an American Businessman and there he experienced the unexpected. Instead of returning the money, the businessman threatened him by showing a gun and locked him in his house for two days.

3. His First Salary was just 12-15 USD per month.

At the University where he taught English, he was the only teacher assigned to 500 students. His pay was 100 to 120 Renminbi, which is around $12 to $15 per month. Before moving on, he taught there for 5 years.

4. Forest Gump is his lifelong hero.

Every time he gets stressed out, he watches the movie again. What does Ma get from Forest Gump? “No matter whatever changed, you are you.” That’s deep.

5. His parents were performers in an illegal form of Chinese entertainment.

Jack Ma’s parents were practitioners of the “ping tan,” a Chinese tradition of musical storytelling that was banned during Mao’s Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976.